Road Maintenance Department

Snow Ban Parking Notice

Pursuant to Ordinance 2014-04 for “Snow Ban Parking”, it is unlawful to park any vehicle on any street at any time after snow begins to fall and for a period of twenty-four hours after snow stops falling if the snow on the street exceeds two inches or more in depth, provided, that said twenty-four hour parking restriction shall continue during snow removal operations and until snow removal operations are completed.

As an exception to the provisions of this Section, any vehicle may be parked for a period of time not to exceed fifteen minutes while actually engaged in loading and unloading property.

When said parking ban is issued, it shall be made available for announcement to the television and news media serving Glasford, Illinois, and on the Village electric sign board, to advise the residents of the Village of Glasford of the implementation of a “snow parking ban.”

Violation of said ordinance will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.

Thank you,

Village of Glasford
Streets/Maintenance Dept.